Steven Dehler, known as “the poster child for the modern male underwear model”, has been my main inspiration since beginning of my photography. This boudoir editorial shoot with Steven was such a dream come true experience. Seeing his stunning modeling work 2 years ago motivated me to start model photography. Never thought I’d be able work with him. It was beyond excitement to shoot this story with Steven.Steven Dehler_Hayden Su_V5A9865

Even with the hundreds of thousands of followers, Steven remains very approachable and delightful to talk to. He enjoys conversation and loves to laugh out loud, which caught me off guard at first in a very pleasant way!

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Steven Dehler_Hayden Su_V5A9859

Steven Dehler_Hayden Su_V5A9890

Steven Dehler_Hayden Su_V5A9905

Steven Dehler_Hayden Su_V5A9937

Steven Dehler_Hayden Su_V5A9842

Steven Dehler_Hayden Su_V5A9827

Steven Dehler_Hayden Su_V5A9801

Steven Dehler_Hayden Su_V5A9761

Steven Dehler_Hayden Su_V5A9895

Steven Dehler_Hayden Su_V5A9874Steven Dehler_Hayden Su_V5A9776

Best Regards

Hayden Su


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